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Why cold weather makes you hungry

As a Game of Thrones fan I love hearing Winter is coming! But what is up with the minute it gets colder your appetite doubles!

The average person consumes an extra 200 calories a day at the beginning of Autumn as the body adjusts to the seasonal change.

There are a number of legitimate reasons why you’re suddenly starving...All. Day. Long!

  • When outdoor temperatures drop, so too does your body temperature and to compensate you start craving foods that will warm you quickly. Usually these are higher in fats or carbs.

  • As the days get shorter, there is less natural light. We are very sensitive to natural light, which helps to regulate our serotonin levels (serotonin is nature's own appetite suppressant). So it’s simple less natural light = less serotonin + bigger appetite.

  • We tend to crave what is engrained in our psyches and associate richer heavier meals with colder days and salads with summer. You don't see many people eating soup or stews in summer!

Top 5 to prevent stacking on the kilos:

  1. Longer lasting Eating foods that will keep your body fuller for longer so you won’t feel as hungry so often. So protein (fish, chicken, mushrooms, quinoa, eggs or cheese) and high fibre foods (apples, broccoli, brussels sprouts, legumes, chia seeds) are good option to increase during colder days.

  2. Ditch the decadent snack Research shows high GI foods (those cravings for sugary, starchy biscuits, hot chips, chocolate, doughnuts, burgers or cake) increase hunger and decrease satiety. Meaning you'll end up eating more, more frequently.

  3. Sauce up your Serotonin Get an early morning walk, jog or ride and soak up the sun shine - exposure to early morning daylight is proven to help in boosting your serotonin from regulating the circadian rhythm, plus the exercise will help to increase serotonin levels and reduce your appetite.

  4. Chew not chomp I know you’re hungry but this one is super easy. Don’t devour your food like it’s your last meal! Chew + chew + chew your food to help with digestion, better absorption of the nutrients in the food and to be mindful on whether you’re full or need that extra mouthful.

  5. Conscious + mindful When we eat unconsciously we eat more. So eat mindfully. Turn off all distractions and focus on what your consuming.

  6. Busy bee Keep yourself busy. The more activities in your day, the less time you have to think about food and eating out of boredom

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