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Help for your Headache Hell

Headaches are the most common health complain of Australians.

There are numerous triggers for headaches beyond the obvious neck out, sinus congestion or hangover.

Here’s the top 6:

  1. Nutritional deficiency – the most common are magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and vitamin D

  2. Stress - tension and muscle tightness in the neck and back from stress are big culprits

  3. Dehydration – are you drinking enough water each day? 1.5-2L is ideal. Remember for every coffee of caffeinated tea you drink, you deplete your water intake by about 1 glass

  4. Constipation – the inability to eliminate waste products when you’re backed up can cause headaches. Simply increasing water and fibre (apples, chia seeds, psyllium husks, broccoli and wholegrains) intake to relieve constipation and headaches

  5. Allergies and food sensitivities - yes you may be eating something that your body is reacting to. The common culprits are wheat, dairy, MSG, artificial sweeteners, eggs and sugar

  6. Poor circulation - complaining of cold hands and feet? This can mean that there is limited circulation and blow flowing to your brain. Stagnant blood = headache. Get your body moving to help with increasing circulation.

The good news is that here are simple ways you can determine what your triggers are through a detailed personal discussion with me today.

Book now and say good riddance to those pesky headaches.

Image: Douglas Coupland

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