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  • Break up with refined sugar

Simple, Free & Effective Weight Loss Tips

Over 6 months ago I broke up with sugar and haven’t looked back.

Sure the first few days after the Xmas & NY festivities were a little rough ( I was worried about feeling stranded in an ocean), but that's standard when you give up anything. It's your body's way to processing that you've changed things up!

FYI: Consuming refined sugar (ice-cream, chocolate, lollies, cake, soft drinks, cocktails, biscuits, white/caster sugar, artificial sugars etc.) is addictive, spikes insulin and triggers inflammation, which makes you store belly fat and blocks your ability to feel full. This then triggers you to feel hungry more frequently and stimulates overeating. An inflamed gut also won't absorb nutrients effectively, so what you do consume is kinda like empty calories :( ​

I do still have natural forms of sugar from fruit e.g. a few strawberries or an apple each day but I don't have sugar alternatives (rice malt syrup, stevia, agave etc) as they are similar to sugar in tricking your brain and body into craving more. Which triggers weight gain.

The best news is that it has been the most simple, FREE and effective weight loss strategy to implement. I've never been over weight but was carrying a few extra KGs after an overindulgent trip to New York, Mexico and Cuba plus the Christmas holiday festivities.

To date I've lost 7 kilos since breaking up with sugar. That's 500g per fortnight (and I haven’t gained any weight over winter) Massive high five!!!

Plus there has been a truck load more perks.

1. Clearer mind

Quicker thinking and response time = better conversations, engagement with friends, family and colleagues

2. More energy

I mean dancing around the room kinda energy. And it lasts all day

3. No more PMS

Yes, I was given the nickname Angry Ant for my agro antics

4. Confidence

Clothes fit and feel better on, so yes there's a vogue glide in my stride.

5. Clearer skin

Yep, glowing skin = more selfies

6. Laughing more

With confidence, energy and a sharp mind I've been LOL and seeing more joy in life. No more grumpy cat face!

The verdict: Break up with sugar it and you wont look back.

If you would like a personalised plan on how you can break your sugar habits let’s talk today. Book in for a phone, Skype or face-to-face consultation to reset your diet, lose weight and restore your body to good health.

Images: BLIK Surface Graphics,, Sveta Dorosheva, Agata Wierzbicka, Florafrickerart, Belhoula Amir

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