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Hormone Harmony Kit

Hormone Harmony Kit


What’s in the Hormone Harmony Kit?

The Hormone Harmony packs are hand-selected by Lydia to help you rebalnce hormones causing havoc in your life. With a comprehensive  combination of procuts that have had the best clinical impact for my clients over the last 10 years for addressing issues like PMS, cycle irregularity, breast tenderness, painful periods, mood swings,  and better clearance of hormone metabolites.



Femme FORTE N is a gluten free and vegetarian formulation that includes a 1 month supply of female hormone balancing herbs and nutritionals. 

This formula includes herbs Chaste tree, Bupleurum, Withania and Rhodiola.
Nuritionals jam packed to support hromones: Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (Vitamin B6), Zinc, Vitamin C, Natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E), Iodine and Selenium.


The ultimate stress support and sleep aid, MagDuo includes two highly-regarded and bioavailable forms of magnesiumis to become your new sleep buddy.
For a tired, stressed, burnout, exhausted body, this one is a winner to nourish the 
nervous system function, promote healthy sleeping patterns and boost energy levels.

Note: This is a practioner prescribe only product. So can only be ordered from existing Your Health Revolution clients. 

With a blend of herbs, prebiotics, nutritionals and probiotics, this is the bees neez of formulations targetted at healing the gut and microbiome, hormones and repairing a stressed out nervous system. 

This unique formulation is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and soy free.

It has been naturally designed by a naturopath to not only balance hormones by promoting progesterone production and supporting  healthy oestrogen metabolism, but it also support the liver and digestive system, alkalises your body and look after your adrenals and thyroid. 

The liver and digestive cleansing herbs, probiotics and fibre can get your bowels regular to rid toxins (including the elevated hormones), improve nutrient absorption and heal the gut flora. 

Potent herbs effective at reducing stress, boosting energy so say bye bye to fatigue and bloating!

Note: Fem21 is not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or while using medications including contraceptives

Evidence-based ingredients!


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