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With over 10 years experience as a certified Naturopath, I help women 30+ regain their energy, repair their gut and reset their hormones.

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Restore your energy

Sick of feeling tired all the time? Feeling flat? No energy? Tired all day but awake at night? Irritable? Foggy memory or Overwhelmed? You don't have to continue living like this. Let's get you back to feeling energised, happy & confident.

Repair your gut

Bloated? Sore and gassy tummy? Reactive to more foods? Farting lots? Contstipated or Diarrhoea? Tummy looking like you could be 5 months pregnant? Let's heal your digestive issues today.

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Free Hormone Repair Guide

Download my FREE guide on what works to reduce PMS and Perimenopause symptoms to feel you again

Hormone repair

Mood swings? Headaches or migraines, PMS from hell? Short or long cycles? Heavy periods? Pain? Low libido? Infertility? PCOS? PMDD? Don't put up with this any longer. If you need help with hormones or periods, you’re in the right place. Book now to rebalance your hormones  and feel you again.


Changes in your cycle symptoms like: feeling irritable, hot, brain fog, exhaustion, reactive to histamine in cheese, wine, spinach, tomato, Prosecco or champagne? More frequent or worse headaches and/or migraines? Insomnia or waking in the night. Shorter cycles or heavier bleeding? Book now to support your changing hormones and feel you again.

Emily Sylvester

“Lydia is a phenomenal naturopath and functional medicine practitioner. My health has improved more in one year with Lydia than in 23 years seeing other specialists and practitioners. Her manner is calm, warm, thoughtful and genuinely caring. I can't recommend or thank her enough."

Tracey Rodricks

"I have worked with Lydia on two occasions, for different health concerns. I have full trust in her knowledge and I really resonate with her style of working with the mind and body as connected, not separate. She is thorough and takes the time to explain things in ways you can understand. I would 100% recommend Lydia. I have also attended her yoga classes and they are also fab! Thank you :). "

Candice Liew

"Lydia is excellent. Very thorough and really knows her stuff. I went to see Lydia for postpartum hormonal imbalance / peri menopause symptoms and she gave me a simple plan and I noticed changes really quickly and now feel amazing! Money well spent"
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