Restore your energy


Sick of feeling tired all the time? Feeling flat? No energy? Irritable? Overwhelmed? You don't have to continue living like this. Let's get you back to feeling energised, happy & confident. Book now


Hormone imbalance


Mood swings? PMS from hell? Heavy periods? Pain? Low libido? Infertility? Don't put up with this any longer. Book now to rebalance your hormones. 


Weight loss


Can’t shift that extra weight? Unhappy with your body? Sluggish energy or digestion? Book now to transform your body today. 



Thyroid dysfunction


Struggle with your weight? Feeling anxious? Fatigued? Feeling too cold or hot? Family history of Thyroid conditions? Book now & get to the bottom of it.

Hi there! I'm Lydia


As a certified Naturopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Yoga Teacher, I work holistically to help transform your health & achieve inside-out wellness. 


Get started today - you deserve it!

Skype, phone and in-clinic appointments are available.


Heal digestive problems


Bloated? Gassy? Food sensitivities? Constipated? Diarhoea. Let's heal your digestive concerns so you no longer suffer from eating. Book now 




Improve mood


Overwhelmed? Anxious? Stressed?  Racing thoughts? Struggle with sleep? Feeling flat? Book now and get back to feeling energised, happy & confident. 


Let's address the underlying cause of your health concern

Naturopathy  |  Functional medicine   Herbal medicine  | Wellness coaching  |   Yoga  |  Diet & nutrition  |  Weight loss

Revolutionise your health today & become the best version of you

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