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At Your Health Revolution, we provide quality health care and education that work to restore balance. Lydia also offers phone or virtual appointments out of working hours to accommodate those busy during the usual 9am-5pm.

Do you feel alone in your health struggles? You're not. Many of us face invisible challenges, and trying everything can be frustrating.

Lydia understands. Having personally dealt with hormone imbalances, postpartum depression, miscarriages, PCOS, early perimenopause, burnout, and histamine intolerance, she's passionate about helping others navigate reproductive and hormonal health challenges.

With over 10 years of experience in Functional Medicine, Lydia blends traditional naturopathic knowledge with evidence-based research to create personalised recommendations that address your unique needs



This tailored program is designed for those who are starting their conception journey and want to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Ideally, we recommend starting this program three months before trying to conceive.

What you'll get:

6 sessions

  • 1 x 60 min initial appointment 

  • 3 x subsequent 45 min appointments. 2 weeks between appointments

  • 2 x check in phone consults for 15 mins 

  • SMS and email correspondence between consults


Review of existing or recommended blood/urine/saliva/stool or functional tests plus a wholistic approach to your diet, lifestyle and necessary supplements or herbal medicine to support your conception and pregnancy. 

Investment: $669

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Afterpay payment option available for programs.

Image by Tim Chow




A 12 week program dedicated to help you better manage hormonal imbalances and feel like yourself again. 

What's included:

6 sessions

  • 1 x 60 min initial appointment 

  • 3 x subsequent 45 min appointments. 2 weeks between appointments

  • 2 x check in phone consults for 15 mins 

  • SMS and email correspondence between consults

Recommendations: The Hormone Harmony program is tailored to address your symptoms and irregularities with the support from herbal and nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle adjustments. 

Investment: $549

Join the today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you!

1:1 Appointments

INITIAL - $189

The initial consultation (60 minutes) is designed to gain a thorough understanding of your health history and underlying medical condition. A comprehensive range of functional investigations and diagnostic testing is recommended to assist with getting to the root cause of your symptoms, determine any underlying or contributing factors to your medical condition and guide effective treatment.


FOLLOW UP  - $99- $149

The follow up consultation (30- 45 minutes) is used to assess test results, monitor changes to your health and ensure the treatment continues to restore your health.


21 DAY CLEANSE - $199

Renew your energy, feel lighter and brighter with the Your Health Revolution 21 Day Cleanse.


The Cleanse includes:

  • a 30 minute naturopathic consultation

  • gentle detoxification supplementation to support clearance of toxins

  • the 68 page cleanse guide

  • all meal plans including 40 easy to follow delicious recipes

  • shopping list

  • recipes for the full 21 days. 



Students and concession cardholders receive a 10% discount off the cost of consultations.


Yin, pregnancy, post natal yoga classes. Hatha and gentle slow, vinyasa flow on offer.  

Your Health Revolution offers private yoga sessions for individuals or small groups to suit all levels of yoga practice, including beginners, advanced and pregnancy care yoga. 


  • Women’s health – hormonal imbalances & regulation, fertility support, poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, PMDD, endometriosis perimenopause & menopause 

  • Nutrition and diet optimisation

  • Metabolic conditions – from insulin resistance to diabetes

  • Digestive issues – from food intolerances, bloating & cramping, to optimising digestive function

  • Thyroid conditions - Hashimotos, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Graves' disease

  • Cardiovascular care – from hypertension to elevated cholesterol

  • Men’s health – from prostate health to hair loss

  • Adrenal stress syndrome, fatigue & energy complaints

  • Autoimmune conditions – from rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac disease to glandular fever, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia & multiple sclerosis

  • Weight loss

  • Natural fertility – from pre-conception to post natal care & reproductive health

  • Sleep disturbances - from restless sleep, frequent waking, apnoea to insomnia

  • Depression & anxiety

  • Hay fever & allergies

  • General wellbeing & healthy eating programs

  • Skin conditions – from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne to rosacea

  • Methylation & MTHFR gene testing 

  • Kryptopyroles or Pyrroles 

  • Parasite and Fungal Testing

Get the guidance to restore a vibrant and healthy you today

FAQS - Naturopathy and Functional Medicine

Thinking about booking in? Perhaps you've never had a consultation with a Naturopath or Functional Medicine Practitioner & not sure how to take that first step.  I'm passionate about helping you get to the best version of yourself, so here's some extra info to help answer any questions about how I work.


What can I expect from an initial session?

There's lots to cover which is why I allow 90 minutes for me to  gather information relating to your current and existing health issues which could be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, to establish your current health status so that I can create an individualised treatment plan for you, to get you well again. I keep it relevant to your presenting issue(s) and where necessary may explore diet, nutritional review, work/home environment, time management, self-care, exercise, relationships, and lifestyle. If necessary I will request relevant pathology testing or other modalities. 


What do I bring to a consultation? 
Please bring details of any prescribed medication or supplements (natural and pharmacological) that you are currently taking.
Also bring any recent medical tests results, including blood tests or scan results.


What happens next?

In your following sessions I will review your recent treatment plan & any relevant pathology results and assess how things have been unfolding for you over the weeks. 


So how does it all work?

I have a heap of tools under my belt. I use my training and experience to select the best remedies & regimes for short or long-term issues, acute or chronic conditions & creating inside-out wellness. This involves herbal medicines, functional medicine, nutritional therapy, flower essences, massage and lifestyle guidance.


What kind of health issues are treated?

I see clients from all walks of life but the most common issues presented are stress, anxiety, digestive issues, low energy, sleep management, menstrual or fertility issues, nutritional depletion and autoimmune conditions. I do all that I can to help my clients connect to the root cause of their health condition so that they can become the healthiest version of themselves.


How often should I see you?

This is individual and applies to your current health status. Most regular clients see me every 2-6 weeks depending on the nature of the condition and health goals.   


Can I claim private health cover for my appointment?

Unfortunately, As of 1 April 2019, Naturopathy appointments are no longer claimable by health funds.  



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