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Lydia Cotter


Founder of the Your Health Revolution Clinic and Yoga Studio, Lydia is passionate about transforming your health.


Lydia was initially attracted to the physical challenges in ‘asana’ practice but soon discovered that yoga provided so much more. An advocate for total body harmony,


Lydia finds yoga an amazing platform to nutrure inside-out-wellness.


Teaching yoga provides a space to cultivate growth, freedom, self love and develop a deeper connection with the mind and body.





Hannah O'Mahony 


Hannah first found yoga as a way to heal, after injury forced her to look at the world in a different way.


An avid runner, she was attracted to yoga as a form of moving mediation in order to deal with the stresses of everyday life.


Hannah is passionate about using her anatomy knowledge to teach mindfully and help prevent injury and encourages her students to find the balance between strength and flexibility.


As a designer she uses creative themes and intelligent sequences to target specific areas of the body.


Hannah completed her 500 hour Ashtanga training at the Australian Yoga Academy.





Chloe Vallance


Chloe is an artist that draws people on plywood and paper. "I feel Yoga is a form of drawing in space. Our body is the medium for receiving and expressing experience. Yoga for me makes drawing possible - it allows my body to move through feelings and to feel through movements".


Chloe's yoga classes are a colourful and soulful practice with meditative movements to open your heart, your art, and inspire your being into flow.


Chloe completed her 200 hour yoga training at Power Living Australia. 


I am alive with the sense the sense that I am human… and I am drawn to transcending this language, drawn to collaborating with these new energies, drawn to being united by diversity, united by love, united by eccentricities, bonded and connected and powerfully joined at the hip to reality as well as my dreams.” ~ Sophie Ward 





Caitlyn Taylor


Having adventured around the world for many years, yoga was Caitlyn’s one constant, exploring varied styles of practice under a myriad of different teachers.


Caitlyn eventually found herself back where her yoga journey began, completing her 200hr training with Power Living Australia. Most recently she undertook her Trauma Sensitive Yoga training, reflecting a passion for the inclusivity and power of yoga to heal. 


Caitlyn’s classes connect the dots between mind and movement, threading them together to invite a creative expression of self, empowering you to arrive in your own present moment.


Playfulness and self-inquiry are equally balanced, and each class reflects her truest belief: that life is intrinsically joyful.



Siobhan Amad


Siobhan is a light-hearted and passionate Yoga teacher, offering her gentle guidance in helping you to cultivate a deeper connection with your mind, body and breath.


Siobhan’s classes encourage introspection and presence, whilst using movement and breath to create self-awareness and peace in both the mind and body of each student.


Learning the art and practice of yoga and meditation at the Wise Living Yoga Academy in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where Siobhan completed her 500 hour YTT with her devoted teachers.


Siobhan is a vibrant energy that will introduce you to the ways of Hatha, Flow and Yin.


Aphra Mahoney


With her nurturing soul and warrior strength, Aphra delivers her inclusive and epressive yoga classes with a clear direction - Move and breathe mindfully together.


"As we move our bodies and utilise mindful breath I hope to aid you to reach your Yoga-tential.”


Aphra completed her 200 hour yoga training at Power Living Australia and as a practicing nurse is passionate about the link between the state of your mind, the health of your body and how the spiritual practice of yoga enhances that connection.


So join Aphra for a journey of freeing asana full of self enquiry and meditation.


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