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8 surprising things containing gluten

Below is a list of 8 surprising things you probably didn’t suspect had gluten in them.


Are you an instant, flavoured or decaf coffee drinker? Many of these types of coffee contain cereal based fillers, flavourings or syrups with wheat or gluten.

RELAX if you're drinking regular coffee you will be fine :)

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is usually made with fermented wheat. But don't stress, Tamari a gluten-free version of soy sauce is equally as delicious.


​Yep there are reports that there is wheat starch in the glue of the stamp so don't lick 'em! Just buy the sticker stamps.

Imitation seafood (crab, lobster, or scallop)

Unless you’re certain that your favourite sushi spot is using fresh crab meat (highly unlikely), put down the California roll. The seafood (crab, lobster or scallop) in most sushi is imitation and these products often have gluten containing binders in them.


Some vitamins and pharmaceutical medication, typically generic brands, have binders and fillers that contain starch or gluten.


As the day goes on and you lick your lips, you do consume lipstick! Many lipsticks are made with gluten, so check the ingredient list before using your fave lippy.


The condiment not the colour! Mustard usually has wheat flour added to it as a thickening agent.

Lunch meat/ antipasto

Love a bit of ham, salami or roast chook on your GF sandwich? Often these include fillers including gluten :( That antipasto is looking a little ominous too!

Want to wipe out wheat and gluten from your life?

Book in with Lydia today for a personalised plan for wiping gluten and wheat out of your life for good?

Images: Luis Quiles, fatboo, wonkywonderful, templeandwebster

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