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Alarmingly, 90% of women experience period pain

90% of women experience pain on day 1 -2 of their cycles. And 1 in 6 experience extreme pain. But why? Learn how to get help for your period pain.

Pesky prostaglandins

Your body releases hormones known as prostaglandins, which can intensify uterine contractions and exacerbate  pain.

The pain you experience is an inflammatory reaction that can be aggravated by stress, inadequate sleep, and bloating.there could be other reproductive THINGS at play, like excess endometrial lining, pelvic congestion.  

Exploring and knowing what factors contribute to the pain can result in successful pain relief.

For instance, if stress is a factor, a pain reliever like Neurophen may help the pain, but not address the stress...Until the stress is addressed, the pain will persist

Women are often underrepresented and overlooked by their healthcare providers. Too often we are not given the right level of care or gaslit by the medical practitioners when trying to get to the bottom of the pain.

Explore and feel empowered

At Your Health Revolution, your pain experience will be seen and heard. With initial appointments for 1 hour there is time to explore and examine the what, when, where and why. 

Want professional naturopathic guidance? Read about my personalised sessions and programs and let’s create a nourishing healing plan together, just for you.

No woman deserves to be misunderstood or mistreated when it comes to their hormonal health and mental wellbeing. 

Access the healthcare you’ve always deserved.

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