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  • The low down on why MOSSIES target some while

Buzzzzz off

Last night I was having dinner with my family when a mosquito made it’s presence known with a biting frenzy! Although I was lucky to escape without a bite it got me thinking about why are certain people are mosquito magnets and others unfazed by all the mosquito commotion.

Mosquitoes are attracted to a mix of 400 different chemical combinations produced by bacteria and sweat on our skin. Some combinations attract, some repel mosquitoes, so depending on the mix that you, your friends or family have will determine who gets bitten more.

Surprisingly, only female mosquitoes actually bite.

Studies also show that the following characteristics trigger a mosquito’s sense of smell towards biting some unsuspecting victims more than others.

  • Drinking beer

  • Blood type O

  • Having sweaty skin, or

  • Being pregnant

Image: Ryo Takemasa

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