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  • From pale straw to rosy red to green to fluoro

What’s your pee colour telling you?

Yep when you tinkle you should have a peak to make sure it’s a healthy colour


if it’s clear, you’re drinking either too much water, alcohol or caffeine and you may want to cut back

Pale straw

The bomb digity. You’re well hydrated.

Transparent yellow

Normal. You’re hydrated.


A honey hue or darkish yellow means you’re dehydrated so drink water pronto.


Ahem...dehydration so get your H2O drink on. Pronto.


Severe dehydration. Drink plenty of water. This could also indicate you’ve eaten one to many beans, rhubarb or a side effect of medication like a laxatives, muscle relaxants or antibiotics. Liver disease is also possible, so functional tests should be conducted.

Rosy red

Have you been eating beetroot or berries? If so you’re all good. Otherwise a red or pink colour could indicate a sign of urinary tract or kidney infection, kidney stones, enlarged prostate or bladder cancer.

It's probably time to conduct functional tests.


Yep, it's most likely you're really dehydrated so drink more water. It could indicate a liver or bile duct condition. Monitor and follow up functional tests should be conducted if the orange colour continues.


A bacterial infection could present or this could be a side effect of a medication or green food die you have consumed. If the colour continues functional tests should be conducted.


Fizzy or foamy wee often means there is protein present in the urine. So it’s always foamy, get it check out.


Bright yellow wee is most likely from having a multivitamin, B vitamin or berroca. It’s your body’s natural way of excreting the vitamins.

If anything seems really off, get it checked out

FYI - Functional testing will give you a detailed insight into what is actually going on with your pee colour.

If your wee is anything but transparent yellow, don't ignore it. Think about what you're putting into your body as consuming certain foods, medications and beverages can alter the colour. If anything seems really off, get it checked out.

Get guidance

For one-on-one guidance on the ins-and outs of functional testing for what's going on in your wee, book in for a phone, Skype or face-to-face consultation today.

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