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Why does music make you feel so damn good?

Noticed when your favourite song plays you instantly feel like fist pumping?

Well it's because music affects the brain by releasing serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters that pump up your mood.

Studies show that they are the same that are released by having sex.

What’s even better is music therapy has been used to effectively reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms.

So if it’s a gloomy day, you’re feeling down or like a cranky pants immediately turn on your favourite song, playlist and watch your happiness grow.

You're welcome!

Here’s my top 5 songs

  1. Do You Remember, Jarryd James <listen>

  2. Go, The Chemical Brothers <listen>

  3. The Wolf, Mumford & Sons <listen>

  4. Painted, Ms MR <listen>

  5. Let It Happen, Tame Impala <listen>

Play. Smile. Live If you would like a personalised consultation with Lydia to get you feeling healhty, calm, energised, happy & confident. Book now


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