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  • Why you should eat rolled oats not quick or

Rolled Vs Quick Oats

Have you noticed that quick and instant oats are dominating the supermarket shelves?

They are marketed to us for having fibre and being highly nutritious but quick and instant oats are heavily processed (they’ve been chopped fine, flattened, pre-cooked, dehydrated and loaded with added salt and sugar).

This refined processing means most of the goodness is lost. So you’re basically eating empty calories.

A review of 3 of Uncle Toby’s quick oats - Creamy Honey, Vanilla & Caramel Flavoured Sachets contain almost 25g of sugar per 100g.

That’s 6 ¼ teaspoons of sugar!!!!

Whole or rolled oats might take an extra 40 seconds to cook but here are the many benefits of only using rolled/wholegrain/steel cut oats.

Here's why you should eat rolled not quick or instant oats.

Just ¼ cup of rolled oats gives you the recommedned daily dietary intake of:

Manganese = 96% Molybdenum=64% Chromium = 15%

Phosphorus =29% Copper = 27% Biotin = 26%

Vtiamin B1 = 25% Magnesium = 17% Fibre = 17%

Zinc = 14% Protein = 13% Iron = 41%

Whole rolled oats are cheap and packed with:

  • High amounts of fibre = keep you regular, assist with energy regulation and saiety.

  • Good source of protein = sustained energy so you feel fuller for longer & not eating as often :)

  • Antioxidants to help prevent free radical damage.

  • Beta-glucans in oats significantly enhance our immune system's response to bacterial infection.

  • Betaglucans and fibre help stabilise blood sugar levels to keep them under control the rest of the day.

Fuel your body

Need help exploring other healthy and nutritional meals? We can work together to develop a personalised healthy eating program to boost your metabolism, energy and encourage weight loss. Get started and book an appointment today!

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