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  • Welcome to allergy season :(

Feeling murky and meh?

Nip your allergies in the bud

Spring = sunshine, birds chirping, blooming flowers and hayfever grief for many. Which brings about irritability, sneezing, itchy eyes and ears, cloudy and fuzzy head, runny nose, headaches, sore throat or feelings of murkiness.

Did you know that 1 in 5 Australian adults and children suffer from hayfever (allergic rhinitis)? Hayfever is typically an acute inflammatory response to an inhaled allergen like pollen, mould, grass, animal dander, environmental chemicals and dust.

The condition affects people either perennially or seasonally - HELLO springtime!!! So when you step outside to enjoy the sunshine in spring after hibernating in winter, the exposure to irritants really have their field day.

Most people treat allergies with anti-histamines, decongestants and corticosteroid sprays that focus on blocking the symptoms. Unfortunately this does not address the actual cause of the allergic response. It masks your symptoms, meaning you keep getting hayfever again and again.

llergy symptoms are often the result of enzyme deficiencies, reduced histamine releasing effects, unhappy digestive systems (intestinal impermeability) from pharmaceutical medications, stress or your diet and lifestyle or larger health issues such as chronic sinus infections, asthma, eczema, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, frequent colds.

My naturopathic approach to allergy and hayfever treatment includes:

Identification and removal of triggers

A thorough lifestyle and environmental assessment assists in identifying the culprits triggering those allergic responses so you can remove them.

Dietary and nutrient deficiencies assessment

A comprehensive dietary evaluation is used to determine the role foods and beverages consumed may be playing havoc on your system.

Functional medicine testing

Pathology tests conducted to identify immune system responses ranging from allergies, sensitivities and autoimmune.

Digestive repair

Yep, your digestion plays a huge role in allergic responses. Repairing your digestive function will assist in the reduction of inflammation, better absorption of nutrients and improved immune response.

Dietary, herbal and nutritional support

Using therapeutic, scientifically proven herbal and nutritional medicine to reduce allergic reactions and improve your body’s natural anti-histamine function.

Don’t let hayfever or allergies keep you from making the most of the spring sunshine. Let’s get to the root cause of your health concern once and for all.

For a personalised plan let's talk today. One-on-one consultations are available over the phone, Skype or face-to-face.

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