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"I Feel like Crap 🙈 🙈 🙈 ...Now What???"

Shift Gears, Cleanse & Rid the Crap!

So spring is in full swing and the shift from winter hibernation can trigger many to notice they are feeling like "_____."

Bloating. Reflux. Gas. Headaches. Low energy. Irritablity. Bowel problems. Insomnia. Anxiety. Weight gain or difficulty losing weight. Cravings. Hormonal imbalance.

Whhhhhooooaaa...if you are saying "yes. Yes. A-ha. Yessssss" to one or more of these symptoms, then it might be time to shift some gears, cleanse and rid the crap with my 21 Day Whole Body Cleanse.

Spring marks the perfect time to recommit to your health goals that you put off or ignored over these past few months. Particularly because the weather is warmer so our bodies can better cope with cleansing those toxins (during winter the body works overtime to keep you healthy and combat colds, flus and viruses – so not an ideal time to add in a detox to the mix!!)

Now there is a whole lotta hype around detoxing, juicing and cleansing AND there are thousands of programs and products on the market. From a naturopath’s perspective, the majority of them are outrageously rubbish! Why? I’ll tell you…

1. Junk + Gunk

Many include supplements, protein powders or meal replacements that are filled with sugar, caffeine, synthetic and unnatural gunk that is seriously nasty.

I call these junk + gunk fillers that go straight to your trunk!

2. Clever marketing + no substance

Yep, there are big bucks to be made from weightloss and health food indusrty. So clever marketing, branding and advertising are used to lure you in and believe their spin.

3. Starvation = body crisis

A detox shouldn’t require you to starve. This places more strain on your body and essentially creates a crisis that can overwhelm your health.

4. Single focus, not whole body

Most of the detox programs and products focus solely on the cleansing the liver to remove the toxins. A good detox program will look at all parts in the body responsible for cleansing and elimination of toxins including the liver, lymphatics, kidneys, digestive system and your skin.

5. You’re flying solo

You’ve committed and purchased the program or products and now you’re on your own. No one to monitor how you’re doing? No one to provide that motivation when you need it (and often shifts in your body will occur that might make you feel a little icky). This is the time when you need professional guidance and encouragement!


My 21 day cleanse program specifically designed by a certified naturopath and nutrition expert using healthy and delicious food, clean supplements and lifestyle advice to target your whole body in detoxification.

The 21 day cleanse program includes:

  • A naturopathic consultation to keep it personalised for your needs.

  • The right advice and support while your body shifts gears into health

  • Clean supplements with no junk or gunk.

  • Loads of gorgeous, nutritious and delicious recipes so you feel satisfied, not starved!!!

  • A whole body approach to target every part of detoxification for total transformation.

Start Over this Spring.

Cleanse and rid the crap with my 21 Day Whole Body Cleanse today!

Wan't to get started now? Email or book online today.

Images: laurawoodillustration

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